Friday, April 21, 2006

All my yarn is packed...and 100 things.

I'm ready to go.

I'll be at the in-laws for a few days while the husband is chasing hockey pucks.

Let me leave you with my 100 list.

'Cause I love reading these types of posts.

1. I’m in my early 30's, but sometimes wish that I was 55.
2. I am a stay at home mom.
3. My son Jack Henry was born in Nov 2005.
4. He has my eyes.
5. My husband is an amazing dad.
6. My son likes to watch me knit.
7. My favorite part of my day is when he wakes up in the morning, looks up at me and gives me a big grin. Life is worth living just for that grin.
8. I also love my husband’s grin. You know, that “I know what we did last night” grin.
9. I miss my husband when he leaves me, even when he goes to work.
10. We had the wedding of my dreams. It was the perfect, sunny, breezy July day.
11. I procrastinate.
12. I’m a messy person by nature.
13. I can’t sleep if there is nothing on the floor next to the bed.
14. This drove my husband nuts for a long time.
15. He’s a clean freak that I’ve converted.
16. Having a baby changed my life.
17. I was hospitalized 8 times for excessive vomiting during my pregnancy.
18. I really liked the hospital’s breakfasts.
19. I was very sick with Toxemia when Jack was born.
20. At one point during the delivery (and right after it) I had 9 different drugs going into me.
21. For a long time my mother and I didn’t speak.
22. We have forgiven each other and now she helps when she can with the baby.
23. I’m a much better mom than I thought I’d be.
24. My father and I are estranged too.
25. I don’t miss him, but I miss the man I want him to be.
26. I love 80’s music.
27. I have an irrational fear of spiders.
28. And the dark.
29. And my husband’s driving.
30. I knit. A lot.
31. I learned to knit by accident. A friend was taking classes and signed me up for a birthday gift.
32. Someday I want to work in a yarn shop.
33. We don’t have enough storage room for all the yarn I want.
34. I love sapphires.
35. And diamonds.
36. My engagement ring is made of both.
37. I used to work in a jewelry store and when I was having a bad day I’d wear a ton of gems around the shop.
38. I wish I was in better shape and more athletic.
39. I hate people who tailgate.
40. And people who talk during movies.
41. I have a hearing impairment.
42. I also hear ringing and vibrating noises in my ears.
43. I’ve been in therapy on and off since I was a teenager.
44. I’ve overcome a lot of challenges in my life.
45. Some of these challenges have been my fault. Most have not.
46. I was one of 9 children growing up.
47. But I only have 1 biological full sister.
48. My parents divorced and remarried other people.
49. My mom had 3 kids going into her second marriage, my stepfather had 3 kids going into the marriage with my mom, and then they had 2 others after they got married.
50. There were 8 children living in 1 house for part of my childhood.
51. I have a half brother that lived with my dad. I haven’t seen him since I was 18 and he was 12.
52. I spent my 30th birthday in Vegas.
53. My husband and I went skydiving while we were there.
54. It was the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done.
55. I’m addicted to chocolate.
56. Once I went to a chocolate show with my best friend. She got sick of the chocolate and was ready to leave before me. I could have eaten much, much more.
57. I’ve seen John Cusack and Philip Seymour Hoffman on the street in SoHo, NY.
58. I have a Barbie that’s named Punk Rock Barbie.
59. She used to come out to the bar with us when we were much younger.
60. I love renaissance festivals.
61. The first time I went to one I instantly felt like I “belonged” and I’ve never felt like that before.
62. I feel more comfortable in that type of clothing than in any other type.
63. I made 2 full ren fest outfits.
64. My husband hates the renaissance faires I go to.
65. I would love to work at one.
66. I love when my nails get very long.
67. Although I don’t have the time to take care of them any more.
68. I spend a lot of time on the internet looking at nothing.
69. I love my best friend Tanya.
70. She moved to Brooklyn to be with her boyfriend at the time.
71. They met at our wedding.
72. They eloped recently in New Zealand.
73. I’m happy that I didn’t know ahead of time that they were going to do it because I would have been very upset that I had to miss it.
74. Instead I’m thrilled that they are married.
75. I was homeless once.
76. I slept in my car and showered at the YMCA where I knew the people who worked the front desk.
77. I could eat ice cream for every meal.
78. Oreo with chocolate sprinkles is my favorite.
79. I worked in an ice cream shop as a teen and ate much more than I sold.
80. I was fired from a job once.
81. I was happy to go.
82. Sexual harassment sucks.
83. They are no longer a company.
84. That’s the forth job that I’ve had in the past that the company is no longer in business.
85. I'm a rabid NY Yankees fan.
86. I'm a Dallas Stars hockey fan too.
87. My grandmother is the most important woman in my life.
88. I love photography.
89. I read every night before going to bed.
90. I love reading romances and historical novels.
91. It’s a dream of mine to meet Oprah in person.
92. I’d love to play with her jewelry someday.
93. I’ve been to Hawaii twice.
94. The first time I hiked for hours by myself and felt totally safe.
95. I can’t walk down the street in my neighborhood and feel the same way.
96. My dream house would have a waterfall in the back yard.
97. I’m close to my mother in law. I love spending time with her and I wish she lived closer.
98. I’ve been to Disney World twice by myself.
99. I could have written 300 things about me. I'm not sure what means, but I like it.
100. I dream of having a college degree.

Be back soon.


Anonymous huggy said...

Hi Sunflowerfairy

The knitting is coming on really well.
Think of you often and loved reading the 100 things about you.

Hugs to you.

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I enjoy reading your blog, I have nothing to do at work, bittersweet... Do you sell your work ever? I need some sweaters, and hate commercial clothing... and have no talent in knitting, only sewing... anyway, hmm... yep, just wondering...

8:14 PM  

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