Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Blast(s) From The Past

This is a baby sweater that I did for another friend. It came out cute and was a quick, easy knit. It was done in a discontinued Lion Brand yarn.

This is an ice skate bootie. My husband is a hockey player and I searched for a pattern for these. I ended up making one up.You can find the pattern I made here. I plan on making a helmet to match.

Speaking of which...the viking hat.

My husband's team is the 7 Seas Vikings. Their colors are green and yellow. I found this pattern and thought it would be great to make for my son to wear to the game. I made the hat and it fits me. So I abandoned the project, much to my husband's disgust.

Not in wasting yarn or having an unfinished item. Oh no. He was mad that I won't remake it in the baby's size. Only because he wants to show it off to the teammates. Maybe next season, honey.


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