Saturday, April 29, 2006

Made with love...a little late.

With Flash...

Tanya is my best friend. We were friends in high school and co-workers shortly after, then roommates. I moved out after moving in with my then boyfriend.

Anyways, I love knitting for her. I know she's going to take care of it, she's tiny enough that I can make her something pretty quick, and she's allergic to anything except acryllic or cotton, so I get to go to the "real" yarn store and not Michael's or JoAnn's....not that there's anything wrong with them.

For Christmas I wanted to knit everyone something special. I found this pattern in a magazine and instantly thought of her.

I had Jack in November. I knew he was coming. I knew I'd have plenty of time to knit while he slept...right??

Um, no.

I had most of my Christmas stuff done by the time he came. Except something for Tanya. I had the yarn. I had the pattern. I didn't have time.

Babies really do cut into the knitting time.

Finally I started it and the vest was a really quick knit. I was able to give it to her by the last week in January (I think). I probably should have been more embarrassed to give her such a late gift. Best friends understand.

So, I made her gift with was just a little late.

Made with size 7 straights, pattern from Vogue Knitting magazine, Winter 2004-2005.


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