Friday, May 19, 2006


Ugh. It kills me to admit this.

So you know how you have your "small" clothes and your "fat" clothes? You know, the ones that sit in the back of the closet- waiting for either you to be a size 6 or a size 14 again...just sitting back there...laughing at you...taunting you to either eat yet another salad or another piece of your mother in law's devinely rich chocolate cake...

Yeah, well. I had a bag or two of those types of clothes. Ok, maybe like a bag or 4. I swear at the time it seemed like I had no clothes. Little did I know that I was building this stash of clothing! I got a majority of it at second hand stores or hand me downs from friends. I swore to myself that I'd fit into the size 6 again-someday. And with all honesty, I was fearful of fitting into the 14's for the rest of my life.

Well, along came pregnancy and I knew that the closet would have to be cleaned out. So I set myself up for the task. It was early in my pregnancy- before I was too big to do anything heavy, but after maternity pants. I remember separating clothes into a few piles. I remember bagging the clothes. I remember asking the hubs to take clothes to the Salvation Army and I remember telling him 2 bags needed to go up into the attic.

I'm 6 months post baby weight and still losing. I've lost 50 plus pounds and I'm down below my prepregnancy weight. I've been wearing the same 3 jeans and I'm sick of them. Plus I know I have a ton of khaki's from working in an office about a year and a half ago. Those would be perfect for summer.

So, I decided to look into what clothes I saved. I checked the attic. Not there. Closet? Nope. Under the bed? Nope. (although I did find a random knitting needle and a small ball of yarn. What was I making with that?) Oh, I remember where the clothes are now- they're in the basement! Ah, no.

My house isn't that big.

My husband has the memory of an ant. Matter in fact I think the ant has him beat. He has no recollection of me bagging clothes or taking them anywhere.

So, I have to go shopping.

I guess my birthday yarn sale isn't happening.


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