Friday, May 12, 2006


I have a tendency to overthink things. Patterns, directions, recipes, you name it- I overthink it.

The gusset issue was solved after about 2 minutes on If I wasn't such a dolt I would have just looked there and had it over and done with. But no. I have to obsess over the whole pattern. I've done 2 socks before- a tube sock and a toe up sock. I didn't have to pick up stitches on either so I was thrown for a loop when the directions said to pick up stitches. Pick them up from where?? Where should I start? How do I get to the other side???

(Yeah, that's what is going on inside my head. No wonder people think I don't pay attention- I'm too busy having full conversations with myself over nothing.)

Here's an updated photo for all to see. It looks good, no?

I should have it completed by tonight and have the second sock on the needles by tomorrow. That's assuming that the kid will keep his drooly, spit up-y, teething misery to himself.

Wish me luck.

PS. Yes, that is a radiator on the top of the photo. And yes, those are toys to the left. My baby's room has the best natural light in the house. Which is a joke for the last week and for the next week. We are expecting rain and more rain and more rain. If I hear one Noah's ark joke I'm smacking the person. lol

Happy spring!


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