Thursday, May 18, 2006

Say it slowly...

Happy Birthday to me.....

No, no, no- it's not today.

And one of my lys is having a birthday sale- just for me! It's like a Sunflowerfairy's version of a wet dream!

Take a look!! It's a sale and it's on my birthday! Yippee!

(It beats Wendy's 40% off sale too. Beat that, 'Tonic. heehee.)

Ok, ok. I understand that they are having an anniversary sale for everyone, not just for me. Just let me dream for awhile, please??

1 Sassy sock is complete, but I have had such a numbing headache for the last 2 days that I haven't knit (or computered, btw) since I finished #1. Photos later...just waiting for the boy to wake so I can use the good lighting for the picture.


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