Monday, May 01, 2006

Send me the cleaning fairies!

Friends of ours eloped back in February. They had a party for family and friends on Saturday in Brooklyn, NY.

We saw friends that we haven't seen a years, traded stories of our babies, showing photos of how big Jack has grown (if I heard "he's going to be tall like his father" once more I was going to shoot myself) and talked about life in general. We had a hotel room (always a sign of trouble) for the night nearby.

The party started at 12:30pm. It was really alot of fun. A few of us moved on to another establishment around 3:30, then to another place around 6...I'm guessing here 'cause it all seems fuzzy. At some point the DH said that he was done. We said our goodbyes and left. Now normal people would ask for a cab or atleast in what direction we should be, not us.

We knew where the hotel was (sort of) and started to walk that way. After about 10 blocks we found it.

It was around 11 and we hadn't eaten since 5 so we ordered room service. I think I ate 2 bites of my hamburger and maybe 4 fries. We passed out around midnight.

I get hangovers. DH does not. Ok, maybe he does but not like me.

I'm still feeling it. It's MONDAY. I stopped drinking 30 some-odd hours ago! I still have a bit of a stomach lurch, a headache...oh, the headache.

I have a knitting circle coming over in 31 hours and my house is trashed. Not to mention the fact that I have family coming over on Wednesday for my mom's birthday.

Someone send me the cleaning fairies, please??


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