Wednesday, May 10, 2006

These socks are soarin'

Which is good because I'm really having trouble getting past the shoulder straps (still) on the not silk cami. I want to do it one way, try it and hate it. Then I try another way, hate it and rip again. I finally put it down after 4 different attempts. Maybe the socks will be for the person who was supposed to get the cami.

The "socks on 2 circulars" method is so easy. I think anyone can do it. I suggest going to a yarn store to get the basic principles taught to you, but after that- it's simple and super fast.

I'm working it with size 3 needles. They are the smallest needles I've ever used. The yarn is Moda Dea's Sassy Stripes. It acrylic. And cheap. I have no idea how they are going to wear and tear- but I love the self striping!

In other news, I couldn't knit for almost a day and a half due to my own stupidity. I make the baby's bottles usually 5 or 6 at a time. I heat up water in an electric kettle then mix it with the formula. I grabbed one of the bottles and poured the water in and I was only half paying attention. Boiling water poured all down the side of the bottle and on my fingers. OUCH! It was red and stiff. Knitting was out. It feels fine now. And I no long A)hold onto the bottle while pouring the water in and B)no longer let the water get that *&$@# hot. Motherhood is a learning experience.


Blogger Sachi said...

Those socks are going to be awesome! The yarn is lovely! I have trouble with sweaty feet so I haven't had the guts to knit with acrylic for my feet yet.

I've never done the two-circulars thingy. I have, however, tried the magic loop. It works OK but my guage becomes pretty loose... which is sort of OK because I knit pretty tightly anyhow. I'll have to try your way soon.... I've got plenty of socks on the horizon!

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