Sunday, May 14, 2006


Today is Mother's Day. I've always hated Mother's Day. For a long time I wasn't in a good place with my mom. That's all water under the bridge.

Now I'm a mom. Jack is the light of all lights in this world- atleast through my eyes. We took him to a NY Yankees game yesterday. He made new friends. And we got the ceremonial first year photo of the boy and his proud dad. We left during the third inning after the boy spit up about a gallon of yuck onto my crotch. It looked like I peed my pants. Not cool.

Back to today...I got gifts. Since I promised the hubs that I would never post photos of the boy on this blog (online predators, you know how they love the 6 month olds). I have taken a great shot of what Jack and daddy bought me for my first mother's day....

Oh yeah...

I also got flowers picked from my mil's garden and I allowed myself to eat carbs and sugar, namely pancakes and chocolate cover strawberries. (back on the yeast and sugar free diet tomorrow. God I'm dying for a glass of wine now that they are gone and the house is as quiet as it gets with a kid around.)

Life is blessed.


Blogger sylv said...

wow, all these awesome books for mother's day !! I'm jealous !!!

3:29 AM  

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