Thursday, June 15, 2006

Amazing, isn't it?

I find it amazing that knitting sometimes follows the ebb and flow of my life.

I'm still working on washcloths, still washing (and drying and sorting and folding and putting away) clothes, still taking care of the boy, the house, everything.

I'm feeling a bit, um, disconnected from everything. Like I'm going through the patterns of everyday life but I'm not really present in the moment. I didn't knit for almost 3 days because of time and life issues. This morning the boy was taking his nap, the computer was shut off because of a lightning storm that blew in from no where (or so it seemed), and I sat down to knit another cloth.

After a few rows I realized that I wasn't paying any attention. I was listening to the thunder (praying the boy would sleep through it), watching mindless tv, and daydreaming. I looked down to see where I was and I see this.

I dropped a stitch a couple of rows down. It's a white stitch smack dab in the middle of the photo, it's hard to see. I haven't done that since I started knitting 4 years ago.

I gotta start being present in the moment.

More later...


Blogger Sachi said...

Dammit, I've got to make some washclothes. And, Ahem... Where's your meme? I'm telling Monkey Gurl...

2:28 PM  

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