Monday, June 12, 2006


So hypothetically, if I received a gift card to a certain large chain craft store that happens to sell certain items that I might not be allowed to purchase for certain amount of time and if I hypothectically wanted to use the gift card for said disallowed purchases, would that be breaking the knitting nightmare diet?

Oh, can I add that I got my yearly 15 percent off coupon from Barnes and Noble. Yeah, can't buy knitting books.


BTW, dryer still isn't fixed. They ordered the part today. They, meaning the nice man behind the counter at a random parts store. Not the mean, nasty bitch behind the counter at the Sears store. I left there with a smile- he even held the door open for me. The witch at Sears told me (with that wonderful "Fuck you, I hate this place and I'm doing something for you" attitude)it would take 10 days. They are both ordering it from the same place. The random parts store was also 10 bucks cheaper.I go tomorrow to pick up the piece. The hubs should have it installed tomorrow night.

I'm not even going to mention the swift. lol


Blogger Sachi said...

I say you buy a swift with your gift certificate. It's not yarn. DH hasn't made one. You REALLY need it or else you can't properly utilize what you already have, right?

7:21 PM  

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