Sunday, June 11, 2006

Quick knits do not mean interesting knits.

I'm sooooo done with washcloths.

But I'm doing a craft fair with my mother, so I have to make them. I'm hoping to make enough profit to offset some of the money I blew at the birthday yarn sale.

It would be really cool to make enough to totally cover the bill. It would basically mean that all of my christmas gifts were paid for by others.

The cloths go quickly, it's just that there's other things that I'd rather be knitting right now.

Hell, there's other things I'd rather be doing right now- like drying my clothes. But since the effing dryer still isn't fixed, I can't do that now, can I??


Blogger Sachi said...

Wow. No dryer, no swift... uh oh! But you've inspired me to make washcloths. I've only ever crocheted one and DH hated it. But making them to sell sounds like a fantastic idea!

3:03 PM  

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