Thursday, June 08, 2006

Red Cami- Done

The dumb red cami is done.

I should be happy. A finished product is a finished product, right?

Well yes, and no.

It's not blocked. Why, you ask? Well, we here in the fine Northeast have been getting rain again. And the dryer is still broken. Normally I block cotton by putting the it in the sink, running water on it, let it soak, towel dry it, then put it on my dryer while it's drying towels. The dryer gets warm, but not hot and it dries the item pretty quick. It works like a charm every time.

No dryer, no blocking.

The edge still rolls because it hasn't been blocked. But I've solved the problem with the shoulders. It fits me like a charm(even though I made a size small on smaller needles than called for AND I did a perfect swatch AND I'm about 2 sizes bigger than who it's for.)

I'm still cranking out washcloths.

And still no swift and I'm sad to report that the hubs asked to have the count up discontinued. I was breaking his balls about it and honestly it's not fair of me to do that to him(even though we here in bloggerville find it humorous.)

I have to go to the *gulp* laundromat today. Anyone ever bring a 6 month old to get clothes dried?

I'm dreading this.

And hey, wish the hubs good luck on his proposal. The bid is due today and he can finally be normal again. Three years of work culminating into one day. Not even a day- it's like minutes. Anyhow, wish him luck, will ya?

I'm off to bake oatmeal cookies. 'Cuz lets face it, after going through that much stress, what else can a guy need?? (Don't leave ideas in my comments, I know what you are thinking. lol)


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