Friday, June 02, 2006

Still no swift.

Day 4. No swift day three was filled with babies getting weighed and immunized at the doctor's office. Not much knitting done, having a cranky baby wiggling in your arms tends to slow the process.

I told you. I told myself. Granted, hubs has been busy working on the biggest deal in his career. Busy, like 50 hours a week at the office, busy. I feel bad busting his chops, but then I look at my lonely ball winder. It's crying out for attention.

Wendy said to have him make me a wine rack. Oh no. See we have a wine rack- or 3 (Hubs collects wine) not to mention the liquor cabinet, and two bookshelves. He's making me a damn swift now. If it's not done by Monday morning I am going to buy CASHMERE. That's right. Cashmere! And not just one skein either, oh no. We're getting a sweater worth here. And not the cheapy Debbie Bliss stuff either- nope. Cashmeretherealstuff. And it won't be on sale.

More later. I gotta tell ya about the score I got at the consignment shop last week that I totally forgot about. And since it was last week, it doesn't count on the knitting nightmare diet.


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