Friday, June 02, 2006

Why I love consignment shops

$10 bucks. Let's keep that number in mind while reading this post.

I'm going to interview for a knitting teaching job that starts in October. So, my knitting teacher (who retired) warned me to find cheap needles in various sizes because no one ever comes to class with needles and it's taught at the high school, not a store so it's not like I can grab a pair from the shelves and give them to the students to use, plus no one ever gave her back the borrowed needles at the end of class...anyhow I told my grandmother to be on the look out for needles when she goes to her weekend tag sales. I told her not to spend a ton of cash, but that I needed quite a few pairs. She called me last week and said that she found the mother lode*. Oh my.

She said there were a ton of needles, all sizes, shapes, textures. Come and get them.

This is what she picked up.

Enclosed was about 120 dpns. There's 2 circular needles, 2 sizing measure thingys and various sized single pointed needles in every length and width imaginable.

Oh, but this. This is my favorite find. I don't even like dpns, but this is too cool not to love. It's a wooden box and inside is 5 dpns. On the box is an old sticker with "knitting pins" written on the side.

The needles are very thin and made of steel. They are small. Tiny, in fact. The gauge thing I have goes as small as 0 and these were probably a size or two smaller.
Who makes steel knitting needles anymore?? You can see that they were hand filed at the points. I adore this.

There's actually a TON of steel dpns. They range from 5 inches long to about 10 inches long and they are all different sizes. Look!

What do I do with them all?
I wish they were circulars- I'd have a blast with them. lol

Anyways, not a bad find for ten bucks, eh?

*edit to change "load" to the correct spelling, lode. Thanks Cherry Blossom for writing it in my comments, making the anal-retentive me look it up on Yes, it's one of my bookmarked favorites. Leave me alone. lol


Blogger cherry blossom said...

WOW! look at all those DPN'S!! she definately did hit the motherlode there. guess i should spend more time in thrift stores!

4:28 PM  
Blogger cherry blossom said...

bwahaha i didn't even realize you'd spelled it wrong!

i use that site a lot too ;) i'm just too lazy to bookmark it haha !! :D

3:22 AM  
Blogger Laural said...

Awesome find! Your tiny needles may be 0000's. I have a pair of Skacels that size.My package says 1,25mm (comma not my typo)/20cm. I imagine knitting with them is a test in sanity.

7:33 AM  
Blogger Sunflowerfairy said...

Cherry Blossom, you say lazy- I say you just don't have the level of anal-retentiveness I have. lol

Laural, I think they might be that small. My husband keeps asking me when am I going to use them. I swear he wants me to lose it. I keep telling him I don't have yarn thin enough. One or two of them actually have a slight bend. How the heck did that happen??? lol I hope it didn't jab someone.

8:43 AM  
Blogger Stephieface said...

You are awesomely lucky! I love the knitting "pin" case... if only all DPNs came in cute little wooden cases like that.

9:05 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

That's great. The dpn case is just so classic...

I think Skacel makes a gauge that goes below 0 if you can find one of those, or maybe your LYSO can size them for you. With sock knitting, I never thought I'd go past a size 2 a year or two ago, and right now I may have to get 0s or 00s for some stash busting. 1s feel massive to me right now ^_^

1:39 PM  
Blogger Fyberduck said...

Hands down, you win the thrifty find contest. Just, wow! Those are so cool!

5:07 AM  
Blogger *~kristen~* said...

holy crapola, batman. i'm so jealous. you totally hit the jackpot!
i found your blog through craftster, btw. :) you make such wonderful pieces, especially the aran pullover, wow!

11:34 AM  

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