Saturday, July 15, 2006

Emergency Day

Yesterday I helped the Yarn Harlot with her quest to take some of Lee Ann's possible negative karma.

I noticed this. Oh crap.

And my kid spit up into my $78 Jordana Paige knitting bag.

No knitting was damaged. My new leather wallet is, but I got it on sale for $7 bucks. I'll just go and buy a new one. I'm still holding out that I can clean out the bag a bit more. Yeah, it's not good.

I still don't have my period, 4 weeks late (tmi, I'm sure) but hubs and I are supposed to spend next weekend doing some private time together. And if don't get it NOW, guess what- no private time later. And as an added bonus, I feel so bloated and cranky I want eat a tub of Oreo ice cream to help with the discomfort.

I hope that helps both women. I'm just doing my part.


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