Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's Biggering.

After realizing that I'm mathematically and instructionally challenged, Eris is moving along. It's growing slowly. I'm up to about 300 stitches per round. Jenna's instructions are easy to follow. She was also nice enough to email me back quickly regarding a stitch that I missed (hubs missed it too) and that made up for the one I was off. I ripped it back and started the neckline over. It looks more ragged than it did before, which is irritating. I'm hoping that it's atleast ragged on both sides so it looks like I meant to do it. Oh- like you don't do that??

I also received a small crack enhancement, via

6 skeins of Endless Summer Connemara (one of my favs) in color cedar, a couple skeins of Sonata (for Bitchin' Mittens) and one of Gedifra Beauty Cotton. I was hoping this would replace Korfu, but unfortunately it's not gonna cut it. It's much stringier. It's going to split a lot on the needles, I can feel it. I already packed it away or I'd take a photo of the lot. The boy is sleeping and I'm afraid that I'd wake him up opening the door to his room to get to the closet to get to the yarn.

You understand, I know.

The socks have been put on the back burner for now. I'm a monogamous knitter, what can I say??


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