Friday, July 14, 2006

Tempting- Done!

Tempting, from, is a great pattern. I had trouble with the sleeves (twice) and had to rip back about 5 hours of work to correct it the first time, then I just made do with it second time. I still have no idea what I did wrong, I just know that the sleeves didn't match up.

I love the color. The intended recipient has a birthday coming up next month. I have no idea how I'm ever going to be able to hold onto this thing and not wear it myself. It's the kind of sweater that fits to your body. I tried it on and with a gleam in his eyes my husband said, "You're keeping that one, right?"

I did it on a size 7 circular using Gedifra Korfu that I got cheap at I recommend this yarn. It's soft cotton. They are sold out of it, but if they ever have it again I'm jumping on it. The ribbon is from Joann's Fabric. I know it's too long, I'm need to get something to stop it from fraying.

The sweater took me about a week to make. It was something I could do while chasing after the baby, talking on the phone and watching Rescue Me. (my new obsession...actually not so new, I go through this every season it's on and really miss it when it's off the air.)


Blogger Fyberduck said...

Very cute! Do we get to see you model it? I haven't seen any worn except on knitty (?)

3:20 PM  
Blogger Sachi said...

Yay! It looks wonderful!

I'm starting to notice a trend... all the bloggers I visit are starting to post on each others blogs. What does that mean? Conspiracy? Are we all that bored?

2:58 AM  
Blogger Sunflowerfairy said...

Fyberduck, I don't know if I'll model or not. We'll see. :)

Sach, I dunno. I think sidebar lists work. I love the fact that I'm getting new visitors each day, even if I only get one or two comments. I love reading new blogs daily and I have no problem leaving comments on them.

I'd love for more people to comment on my blog- and all blogs. I like reading the comments. If you comment on someone's blog- trust me they are going to read yours.

And isn't that why we blog??

Or maybe it is a conspiracy.

8:03 AM  
Blogger Stepherz said...

Beeeeautiful! You should definately take a picture wearing it!

Lol, Sachi. Nahhh, maybe we're becoming a "clique"? Only I'm the only black sheep that isn't knitting. Maybe when the kids go off to college...

6:25 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

I second the modeling request. It might make me want to try again with a different color.

As far as reading blogs, I'm just combination of bored and nosy, at least when I'm sitting in front of the computer.

7:20 PM  

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