Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dear Idiots At The Tom Petty Show Last Night,

You know who you are. To all the drunken, stoned, loud-mouthed, argumentative, girl pushing assholes, "Yankees suck" screaming, those stumbling into us repeatedly, and especially the 2 guys next to us who thought that putting their shirts on fire and tossing them around was a good idea....

Fuck off. Out of a crowd of 20,000 people 19,990 of you can bite me.

Pardon the language, sorry if I offend.

I've been a Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers fan since I was a young teen. I saw them once before and had a great time.

Last night they played with The Allman Brothers, another good band. I should have known the crowd that they would attract though. I don't smoke and I don't use drugs and quite honestly I'm uncomfortable around those who do. But I suck it up at shows. Typically we go to indoor shows where smoking is prohibited. This was an outdoor show.

Great night- crisp, clear. The air has a hint of fall coming. I love that. Saw shooting stars repeatedly.

But hell if the others around me didn't just ruin the whole night. We were by far the oldest people there- I'm not kidding. I'm thirty two!! When I was younger I never acted like those at the show. I'm embarrassed for them. I have no idea how any of them got home. People were literally passing out around us from too much excess. Disgusting. Trust me, there's been times when I was really, really wasted in public. But atleast I had one sober person to corral us up and take us home if someone was done for the night. Hubs said at one point for me to look around at all the people using their cell phones- for texting or talking. I don't know how many assholes sat there screaming into their cells trying to find others at the show.

The sound was awful. I have a hearing impairment, making things tough to begin with, but any time Tom Petty said anything I couldn't hear a word. The same thing happened at Dane Cook. Just to give you some idea- Hubs was talking to me at a normal level when they played and I was able to respond to him.

I want my money back.

And I'm seriously thinking of never going to another show at this venue.

Do I write them?? Do I call someone?


Blogger ysolda said...

I would say that you're justified in complaining. While the venue may argue that they aren't responsible for the behaviour of their customers the bottom line is that they are. If people are behaving so antisocially and / or are so wasted they're passing out then the security staff should be dealing with that. The sound is of course their responsibility. I'd call and write, let them know that you're serious. You also might want to threaten to, or actually make a complaint to the police (or whoever deals with licensing) about the venue. No where wants to lose their license.

It sucks that you had such a bad time.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Kristin said...

I would totally write to the venue. In fact I would even write to Tom Petty's management. I have no problem with people getting high or having a few drinks at a show (I don't understand getting wasted though--what's the point of going to a show and spending 30 dollars for tickets if you are just going to forget everything in the morning) but when they interfere with my enjoyment, that sucks. I'm sorry you had such a bad time.

10:41 AM  

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