Thursday, August 17, 2006

Let The Bitchin' Start!

I started my Bitchin' Mittens yesterday. After a ton of trial and error (mostly error) I finally figured out what I wanted to do, atleast for my first pair.

They are 100% cotton bath mitts, with a little surprise on the fingertips. You'll see, when I'm done.

I'm following Ann Budd's recommended sizing and they are huge on me, but will fit my sister (for Christmas) perfect! Hello- two birds with one stone. I love it.


Blogger Stalker Angie said...

Those are entirely too cute! They look like a nice quick knit too.

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Dave Daniels said...

That's actually a really graet/practical/cool idea! Now I'll be waiting to see the finger tips...

4:23 PM  
Anonymous kate said...

i've been contemplating mittens lately--must be that fall's a-coming! i really need to start my yule time gifts; you are on the ball, lady!

8:36 AM  

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