Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm Swooning Over Here.

A few days (weeks? I dunno) ago a certain blogger and crafter extraordinaire offered to have me come over and play.


Joyce said that she had a wheel and wanted to get her grubby hands on my llama roving.

Oh man.

First of all, if she lived near me I would have packed a bag and been knocking on her door that afternoon.

You see, Joyce doesn't just craft. She CRAFTS. Check out her site. Seriously.

Yeah, I'd give up some llama for time at her house. And I'd be walking away the winner.

And she's a giver too. 10% of her playsilks sales go to charity.

I'm not worthy.


Anonymous joyce said...

oh my. i am just blushing to beat the band. but really, it's true. i'm in awe of your stuff and you are welcome in birmingham (alabama, lol) anytime!!!

12:59 PM  

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