Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Many Works In Progress

People keep asking me to knit stuff for them. I typically have no problem with this. I don't expect payment, as long as they buy the yarn and as long as they understand that I'm in the middle of holiday knitting and it might be awhile until they get their stuff.

So, I'm knitting my butt off. I just don't have anything finished. Here's what I'm in the midst of doing...

Update on Hub's sweater- front and back done, sleeves casted on and almost to the point of the cables.

Scarf for aunt 1. Lionbrand homespun. Taking me forever.

Scarf for aunt 2. Someone asked me if I could knit it the "long way" so I got out the circular needles and away I'm going. It's trucking right along.

Finished- washcloth for Gram's birthday. More to come.

(yes, it needs a good blocking, I know.)

And thanks to Mrs. Rabies, I have more fiber. Yipee! And a beautiful skein of Cascade 220. I love this stuff. Thank you.

I need to update my sidebar and add her in. She cracks me up. There's a few more blogs I've discovered and I need to add them too.

I wish I could get more fiber somewhere. Anyone want to send me your leftover roving to practice on? Is there such thing as leftover roving?? lol


Blogger Mindy said...

My first project was a scarf the long way, it felt like it took forever to finish a row.

11:32 AM  
Blogger RC said...

Wowyou made a load of progress on the hubby's sweater! looks good!

Aren't you going to NYS&W? You will be overwhelmed with fiber and have huge totes of it in no time.... if not, email me and I'll send you some of the stinky stuff! LOL

12:45 PM  
Blogger Sachi said...

Um... I don't have "left over" anything but I might be able to send you a little something.

Don't be afraid to practice on mid-priced stuff or higher priced stuff. BFL (Blue Faced Leicster) is one of the better practice fibers. It spins like a dream and lots of experienced spinners still love to use it.

Excuse me... I've just been distracted by Ebay. The Copper Moose has some ridiculously cheap fibers....

2:18 PM  

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