Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Peeking In

Just to say that I'm not dead. Thank you all so much for the support when I needed it. :)

I'm feeling a bit better, still bummed over Tanya leaving, but doing better. I know she landed safely because Mother Nature kicked Japan in the balls the day after she landed. Japan, meet Tanya...Tanya, meet Japan. Whaaap. Tornadoes. It's her doing, trust me. lol

I called her cell phone just to hear her voice. I know she won't have contact with me for a couple of weeks and I can honestly say that it's the hardest thing ever- to let your best friend go across the world knowing full well that you won't see her for months and months.

PMS has kicked my **ASS** this month.

I've finally cleaned my house. The Boy turns one on the 18th and I have half the Northeast coming to watch my kid smear cake from ear to ear. So I have to obsessingly clean everything. Plus, I'm a slob and the house needs it.

I voted today. The Boy came with me and even though we were in there less than 4 minutes he managed to charm the pants off every lady in the joint. This is going to be a problem when he's 16. I can tell already.

I go through these crazy cycles of eating healthy. I started one the other day. It takes about 3 days of headaches for me to start feeling better. This was the third day and I'm hoping tomorrow I'm going to bounce out of bed and everything will be rosy and birds will be chirping and my homework will be done.


In knitting news I started yet another LACE shawl. I'm not saying who it for, but it is a christmas gift. Lovely. And I'm going to run out of yarn. Ignoring that part though.

Hub's sweater is being put on hold. Don't want to talk about that either.

The scarves that I was making for my aunts aren't done either.

BUT! It's the 7th, which means one week and I will have my *wheel*!

Think anyone would mind just getting unusable-mangled-firstattempts-at-spinning-yarn for gifts??


Blogger Sachi said...

If it's spun, it's not unusable. ;-)

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with sachi. Plus, I would love to receive any type of yarn related object as gifts :)

Glad you are feeling better. My best friend moved to Hawaii, which is not as far as Japan, but she certainly is closer to Japan than I am. My parents live in Taiwan, just as far as where your best friend is. So my heart goes out to you!!!

10:00 PM  
Blogger Stepherz said...

I'm sorry your friend left and hope you feel better soon!

10:41 PM  
Blogger Uccellina said...

My husband's sweater has been on hold for . . . oh . . . a year or so.

6:57 PM  
Blogger Zarzuela said...

Nothing like consoling yourself with a spinning wheel! :) Congrats! Hope it gets there quick for you.


2:35 PM  

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