Friday, December 01, 2006

Gray Yarn For A Gray Day

It's raining here.

There's nothing worse than rainy fall days in New England. It's cold, but not cold enough for gloves and a hat, everyone has their heat on so you sweat whenever you go into a store. It's just yucky.

The issue with the too much spin and not enough take up is fixing itself. I messed with the tension a bit, practiced more and it's getting better. I still have to stop sometimes and hand-wind the yarn, working the kinks out, but it is improving. I spun into the night, stopping when my eyes felt like they were crossing. This morning I sat down and looked at the yarn. Notice the bottom left hand side nastiness? I kept pushing the roving into the flyer before it was spun. Just like knitting- don't spin when you are tired.

And can I call myself a spinster now??

Thanks for all the kind words. And welcome to the new commenters!


Blogger Stepherz said...

Love the gray. Looks quite soft. Must feel so rewarding in the end to have spun the yarn and knitted something lovely. You are quite talented, I must say.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Deenz said...

It's looking good! I might be able to come over on Thursday, if you still want me to help out. :-)

8:17 PM  

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