Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holiday Knitting, 2006

I'm done. I'm crispy. I have 22 people coming to my house on Sunday. I've had 3 finals this week, one of which I know for a fact that I did awful on. So, here's my holiday knitting, in a fancy-smancy mosaic tile form:

I should do 1 more hat. I'm going to chicken out on that one. I should be working on Hubs' sweater, but I'm not. I'm saving it for vacation, where I can constantly measure and remeasure and re-remeasure, just to make sure it fits.

So to: Greenery hat, Forest Canopy Shawl, cashmere/merino scarf, mittens, Sienna Cardi sweater, Eris sweater, (and hat, for the father in-law, missing from photo) thanks for the fun.

I'm going to give my wrist a break and say no knitting until the weekend at the very earliest.

Yipee! I'm done!


Blogger Uccellina said...

I am the super-impressed.

2:00 PM  

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