Tuesday, December 05, 2006


My first week of spinning is coming to an end. I've learned some things:

1. Don't spin when you are tired. This is hard for me as I only spin when my son is in bed. While he naps I usually either nap too or do homework or knit. So, after 8 p.m. is when I spin. It's a fine line between a couple more yards (and saying the next morning-) "Yeah, that looks good" or "Wow, that looks awful".

2. When you want something so badly that all you do is think, dream and yearn for it, trust me when I say that when it comes- you will love it so much that you want to sleep in bed with it.

2 b. Husbands do not agree with the above.

2 c. Nor do they allow it.

3. Practice makes perfect.

4. Do not try to remove the bobbin without taking the break off first. Bad sounds that give you a heart attack happen.

5. Reaching out to other spinners for advice, questions or just some lovin' helps immensely.

6. Books from the library that were published in 1954 don't have information about recently manufactured orifices in them.

7. Your husband will laugh every time you say the word, "orifice". Every-damn-time.

There's more, that's for sure. I've learned that I can knit pre-tea at 7 a.m. with only 6 hours of sleep- but spin? Hell no.

I wish they still taught fiber arts in schools. I wish they would teach boys and girls how to knit. The Boy will knit. I have a feeling he will spin too.

I dunno. If you had told me at age 15 that I'd be a spinning-knitting-fiber-nut I would have laughed at you. It's not what I imagined myself being and yet somehow, I can't imagine myself as anything else now.

People have called me "a natural" at knitting. I laugh when they do. Typically I knit between 4-6 hours a day! Do you know how much practice that is??

When I sat down to spin they called me one at the spinnery where I picked up the wheel. I thought they were blowing smoke. But as I see the progression of my work I smile deep inside.

I don't think I'm a natural, I know it.


Blogger Stepherz said...

Yes you are. You should be proud of your talent! I would be.

9:25 PM  
Blogger Sachi said...

OMG you're so cute! Those are all totally true.

Also, there is the fact that there appears to be time missing from the day when you spin. Like, you sit down and treadle just a couple times and look up to find that your bobbin is full and it's 4 hours later.

10:46 PM  
Blogger Zarzuela said...

LOL! You will eventually be able to spin just like you knit, wherever and whenever! It will just take practice (at least that's what I'm told since I'm sure not there yet!)


8:28 PM  

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