Monday, January 22, 2007

Lilith Parker Rocks My World.

I went to SnB on Sunday. I missed last week because of spinning. Another knitblogger drove 1 hour to see me that Sunday, and I wasn't even there!

This Sunday she came back. She was there, all smiles and big hugs.

Lilith Parker rocks. She's a woman of many trades- knitting, designing, welding, loving, laughing...this list goes on. She radiates a quiet calm but there's also large bunch of silliness. Her voice is soft and soothing, deep and pure.

I was really upset with myself that I was unable to find her at Rhinebeck even though she was under my nose the whole day! I am looking forward to meeting her man in a couple of weeks.

It was wonderful to finally meet.

Thanks for being you.


Blogger Lilith Parker said...

That can't possibly be me you're talking about. I'm nowhere near that cool. ;) It was awesome meeting you, too!

10:49 PM  

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