Monday, February 26, 2007

The Dust Settles.

Well, mostly I should say.

My house is still a bit of a mess from the demo work on the bathroom. I've washed my floors repeatedly and they still have a fine layer of white stuff.

My fiber closet is coming along. I ordered this and this. As much as I love disorganization, I crave everything to be in order. Yep, I'm a Gemini through and through. The first one will hold fiber on top and regular skeins on the bottom. The second will hold mostly skeins. I'm still looking for something to hold my needles and accessories. My wheel will fit under the second one and a small rubbermaid container will fit (hopefully) under the first.

I'm excited about this. I think Hubs was depressed to see the office such a mess after having the house torn up for so long. But I'm happy. I'm also downsizing my needle collection and maybe (gulp) some of my stash. (OMG, I can not believe that I just wrote that outloud.)

I have 2 big boxes of paperback books that need a new home. But I hate giving them away. I'm an avid reader, to say the least, and I dream of someday having a library in my home. So, down in the basement they go.

Mid term tonight in my public speaking class. I'm dragging the wheel in along with some samples of stuff I've spun. The more I travel with the wheel, the more I kick myself for not ordering the folding model. It would have made my life so much easier. I want to make a travel bag for my wheel, but I have no idea how to even go about starting something like that. And, the treadle makes it impossible.

More photos of the bathroom tomorrow and a new project I started. Yippee!


Blogger Lilith Parker said...

I call dibs on the needles! ;)

9:19 PM  

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