Saturday, March 17, 2007

Just Imagine A Green Post

The amazing thing about lace- for me anyways- is that I can't put it down. Hubs would probably say that this goes for any knitting, but I think lace in particular is hard for me to stop. I'm done with 10 repeats, 26 more to do. I know it seems like alot left to do, but I'm truly loving every stitch on this thing. The yarn seems to just flow out of the ball and on to the needles like it's made for this work. The repeats are easy to remember and I have no trouble finding where I am in the pattern. Lace should make sense- the yarn overs and decreases should go in a certain spot. With the white yarn I was fighting every second of it. This time I'm letting it flow and you can see the difference it makes.

I know the colors are not wedding-y but I want her to wear this any time she wants and the colors suit her.
Not alot of knitting is going to get done this weekend. Frankly, it's 9:30 and I can't believe I'm still sober, with it being St. Patrick's Day and all. But Hubs and I have plans. We're heading up to Boston for the Dropkick Murphy's show at Harper's Ferry. I won a ticket lottery and couldn't say no.
That said, I'm going to make green pancakes and work on the lace some more before we go.

And oh, we have to also chip off an inch of ice from the car. The ride up is going to be interesting, isn't it?


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