Monday, April 02, 2007

Embarrassingly Late

As some of you know, last week Hubs was away on vacation.

So, I packed up The Boy and off we trekked to the inlaws.

I got a little, um... tweaky after missing a few days of my local knitting group but lucky for me, there was one the next town over from where I was staying.

I was excited to meet new people but then I got worried. What if they didn't like newbies? What if they didn't like me?? What if they had some strange prejudice against lace knitters? Or moms? Or people over 30? Or under 60? Or people who drank while knitting? (they meet in the bar area of an Irish restaurant and they had Magners ON TAP! SWEEEET)

My understanding, godsend of a MIL told me to go and that I looked cute and like a good knitter and friendly and to stop fidgeting and to go go go.

So I went and had a lovely time with 4 women who I now consider friends.

Thanks to Laura, Sarah, Mary, and Annie of the Hat City Scissor Squad for a great time.

You girls rock! Thanks for making me laugh, telling me my shawl looked beautiful and listening to the stories of my kid.

And sorry that I'm so embarrassingly late on this thank you. ;)


Blogger Sachi said...

New yarn friends are cool.

12:38 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Great to have you and hope to see you again soon!

8:13 PM  

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