Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What's Next?

After completing each project I go through a day or two (or three) of sadness. I work so hard on each item and when it's over, I feel like a mother who just sent her kid off to his first day of college. Silly, I know. But it happens each time. Lotus Blossom Tank is almost complete and I'm not ready for it to be over yet.

So, what's next? I have a shawl pattern burning a hole in my knitter's pocket. I'm waiting on 2 skeins from Mystical Creation Yarns for that though. I'm dying to make something for Tanya, my best friend who's home in a couple days for a visit from Japan. I'm itching for the new green Cascade 220 I bought (you knew that was going to happen, didn't you?) and I need to finish a baby blanket for my niece. I'm going to Maryland Sheep and Wool in a few days so I need to start something basic and easy for that. I want to make a sweater for a special birthday girl in October. I found my Spring 2007 IK magazine and found a couple of summery tops I'd like to make from that....the list goes on.

So, what are you itching to get your hands on? What project do you drool over each time you see the pattern? Any new knitting books that you've gotten recently that I shouldn't miss??

Maybe I should work on some spinning....how long has it been since I've spun? Saturday I'm taking a plying workshop at CT's Wool Fest. That helps.

Quick school update: I got an A on my final in public speaking. I'm happy.


Blogger Mindy said...

First, Congrats on your public speaking grade!

That shawl is lovely. I am having a serious case of ennui mixed with startitis due I think a deadline my mother unwittingly gave me. (I never deny my mother knitted goods when she requests them, she asks so little for herself).

3:59 PM  
Blogger Christie said...

Yea! Good for you! Public speaking isn't an easy thing for everyone! Three cheers!

I've been on a crochet kick myself, so most of the patterns I'm drooling over are next up in the queue!

7:03 PM  

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