Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What's The Opposite Of

Being able to concentrate?

'Cause right now, that's me.
I should be studying for my psych final. Or doing one of two papers.

Instead I'm on the net, eating my second round of Peeps.

And that's after taking the longest, hottest shower in history.
And blocking my Lotus Blossom Tank:

And re-blocking it when I actually took my head out of the clouds and saw how crooked the first block was (it looks crooked on the second photo too. I know. It's fixed but I don't want to drag the camera out.)

And spending too much time ordering gifts for Mother's Day.

And not enough time cleaning my house or doing school work.

So tomorrow when I'm on my messy bed in a ball crying that I can't possibly take an exam under such pressure...
Just tell me to shut up and take the damn test already.


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