Saturday, May 26, 2007

Maryland Sheep and Wool Did Me In.

Today a couple of fellow New Haven SnB'ers went on a journey to Massachusetts Sheep and Wool fest.

This is the last good sized fiber fest for awhile, or atleast within driving distance for me. I was excited for it. I've never been and I had such a great time at Maryland. I knew this fest was smaller, but I really don't need much in the way of fiber these days.

Maryland had everything. Barn after barn of fibery love. Mass. had some good stuff- don't get me wrong. But it wasn't an overwhelming amount like Maryland. It was larger than CT, but much smaller than Maryland. I guess I just thought there'd be more. OR maybe Maryland just ruined every other fiber fest for me for the rest of my life. Either way, we finished the whole fest by 1:30, including taking time to eat.

That just meant we had time for me to formally begin the State of CT Yarn Crawl 2007. (With an added trip to Webs, just for good measure.) Tomorrow I'll talk about the store though.

So, here's the haul from Mass. Sheep and Wool:

I bought this book. Pretty, different patterns for my homespun. Perfect.

These are the 2 rovings I purchased:

The photo doesn't do the colors justice. There's 2 oz. of pumpkin and 8 oz. of hand dyed BFL. Both are soft!

I bought a WPI gauge from The Wheel Thing, which I meant to do at CT's Sheep and Wool and Maryland.

That's all. End of list. Disappointing, isn't it??

At Webs I bought a Lantern Moon small project bag. Everyone should have one. I got the pretty dark green silk one.

So, tomorrow I'll let you know what I think of Creative Fibers. It's good, trust me.


Blogger Sachi said...

Seriously... it doesn't matter how much you bought. Only how much you got to pet. Those festivals are fantastic for getting ideas and making your imagination run wild.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Deenz said...

I got there at did I manage not to see you? Or anyone from blogland, for that matter? Well, except Boogie!

9:05 PM  

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