Wednesday, June 06, 2007


  • Mesilla is done. Well, sort of. I don't like it, I'm happy that it's not going on my body, I'm ripping it back to the beginning of the neckline today.
  • Hand In Hand sweater is coming along. I'm up to the decreases for the arms. This sweater may get *eek* boring.
  • I have a hankering to do lace. I've seriously been bit by the bug. I daydream of lace, I dream of knitting lace at night, I wake up wondering what lace I'm knitting today. I'm not doing lace, I'm doing cables. And when I remember that, I get sad. Frankly, that's not normal.
  • I have the largest zit on my chin ever. You'd think at age 33 I wouldn't have to worry about these things, but I do every once in a blue moon. Any ideas of how to get rid of it by Saturday would be appreciated. I've tried toothpaste, witch hazel, popping it, anticeptic name it. Go away zit!
  • I also have a la-dee-da bridal shower coming up on Saturday. I will know no one but the bride. My zit and I will probably throw my (yet unpurchased) gift at the bride, sit in the corner and knit. Fun times.
  • So what lace pattern should I knit next?
  • NH SnB'ers I'll see you tonight. Or, you'll see me and my zit tonight.


Blogger Gauss said...

clean & clear 10% cream (comes in a 1oz tube) used to work for getting rid of my zits. Read the fine print, though - they recommend that you use sunscreen. I would recommend that you only use it in the evening - it reacted with my sunscreen and I got a mild rash. It certainly got rid of the zits, though.

10:46 PM  
Blogger Patty said...

More beautiful stuff! Your cables are so perfect - holes and all. I was also looking through your Flickr finished items. I especially like your Rogue.

I'm 50 (how the hell did THAT happen!?) and I still get the ocassional pimple. Most recently right on the tip of my nose. Call me Rudolph. I use Mary Kay blemish cream and swear by it. 2-3 times a day and zap! Good luck.

11:15 AM  
Blogger Patty said...

Sorry if I'm leaving a duplicate comment - trouble signing in.

I love your cables, holes and all. They're beautiful and look quite perfect to me. I just took a look through your Flickr finished objects and I especially love your Rogue.

I'm 50 and still get the ocassional blemish - most recently on the tip of my nose! Makes me feel young again (not). I swear by Mary Kay's acne/blemish cream. Applied 2-3 times a day and zap! Good luck!

11:17 AM  
Blogger laurie said...

How funny...not about the zit (I am closing in on 50...did I just admit that?...and I still get them myself), but about the comment of a "blue moon". It was indeed a blue moon just the other night (two full moons in the same month--the second one is called a "blue moon"). I don't have a quick-fix answer to the zit problem. I find personally that some time in the natural sunlight helps with healing. Sorry I'm not more help.
Always bring the knitting, wherever you are. However, the bride's party might turn out ok.

3:31 PM  

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