Friday, June 08, 2007

Looking Forward To The Weekend.

This is the back of the super secret sweater blocking. I really haven't worked as hard as I could have with this, but I will admit that it kills my wrist if I become engrossed in it- which is entirely too easy to do.

Tomorrow is another big sale at a LYS near me. I have no idea if I'll go or not, which means I'll be there early. I just finished adding all of my yarn stash into Ravelry, why shouldn't I add more? Seriously though, it's 49% off cascade yarns. I love cascade 220 and must have more!


Blogger Patty said...

Very curious about the "super secret sweater." So pretty! You asked me (on my blog) about the Cascade Pima Tencel. I actually ripped back the wrap I started. The yarn is very loosely spun so I think if I'm going to continue with it I need to downsize my needle. I was using an oversized needle intentionally but it's not working out. One other thing I'm not crazy about is this yarn SHEDS big time! But it is gloriously soft. Maybe it just wants to be something else - a baby item perhaps? We'll see.

What's in the Tiffany box? Lucky friend.

7:46 AM  

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