Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Note To Self:

Stop giving your child your much needed items.

First the keys and now The Boy has hidden my knitting needles. No, not all of them, just the ones I need right now. Yes, the ones for the super secret cabled sweater. I started the sleeves and I need to go up a couple of needle sizes...So, on the the next project we go!

I started a new shawl. It's a free pattern from Elann.com. Pretty. I'm doing it in Zephyr, which I love. I have a feeling I'm going to want to sleep with this thing. Honestly.

Mesilla is done. Ew.Mesilla? What Mesilla? Anyone who mentions this sweater will be shot on sight. I love the design, love the colors. Hate the fit and the neckline. I have no idea who this is going to. Anyone know a 12 year old short, skinny girl who loves purple?

And hey- look at this!Why it's Hubs' sweater! I unearthed it from the bottom of a large pile of fiber in the office. Since trying to organize my Ravelry account I've pulled the entire stash closet apart and started over, re-documenting everything. I found this sweater on the bottom of the pile and I swear that I'm going to finish it or rip it. Hubs still likes it and it fits better now than before. Who knows what I'm going to do.

Oof, that was a long post. And I thought I had nothing to say!


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