Saturday, July 14, 2007


My best friend Tanya is back in the states after spending 7 months or so overseas in Japan. She and her husband are coming over this afternoon and of course, things have snowballed into a picnic for 13 or 14 people. Yikes.

No knitting, still dealing with the head cold, and The Boy is sick too.


Blogger Stephieface said...

AND- they don't tell you how impossible it will be for you (who is already having issues getting around what with a 6-11lb bowling ball rolling about your midsection) to walk on said swollen feet- which because they are swollen barely have any feeling. They also don't tell you that normal human shoes will no longer fit you and you'll be reduced to wearing flipflops with every outfit.
The biggest secret "they" keep from you is that no matter how long your arms actually are, they will never ever be long enough for you to put your pants on without a spotter.
"They" are bastards.

8:37 AM  

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