Friday, August 10, 2007


So I started spinning again.

Hubs commented that I spent alot of money on the wheel and roving and I should do *something* with it...which meant, either use it or lose it, lady.
So I started by spinning mystery cream wool and then I plyed the orange singles, which kept breaking, which got me frustrated, which turned into depression, which made me want to eat chocolate. The wheel is also a bit herky- jerky. The roving sometimes feeds onto the bobbin too quick, leaving about half an inch of unspun fiber, which is where I'm getting the breaks, I think. I'm going to contact the wheel people today and see if it's lack of experience or if it's the wheel. I did clean it before using, including giving it a good lube job.
The Boy also noticed that the wheel is out of it's bag. Although I keep it in a gated room and he can't touch it, I sometimes let him come in and "play" with the wheel. He spins and spins the wheel by hand, then presses the peddle down until it stops, at which point he claps for himself. Adorable.


Anonymous julia fc said...

Hey, I know that wheel. It's a Frick, just like Alpaca Kathy's (my fiber pal). It's a rare an wonderful thing. Have a blast.

11:12 PM  

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