Monday, November 12, 2007

First Sweaters, Revisted.

The cooler weather has finally hit the Northeast. So last week I dragged the sweaters out from under all the summer shorts in the closet. What a trip down memory lane!

I wore my first handknit sweater on Thursday- the blue and white cotton pullover seen below.

I forget how long it took me to make. I want to say maybe 2 months. I was a sllloooow knitter back then. The pattern was free, off the rack at Michaels Craft Store. It's huge on me. I had no idea what size I'd be. I had no experience with gauge. All I knew was that I wanted to make a sweater and I was going to do it.

And I did. It's the perfect bumming, comforting for the soul sweater.

My next sweater was Rogue.

It was my first major cable project and my first project in the round. Sure I had made hats before that, but a sweater of this proportion was challenging.

I worked on it for four months. Daily. I did no other projects while knitting this one sweater. I ripped back so many time I can't even tell you. (No, I had no idea how to tink. It was rip or nothing!)

I love this sweater. LOOOOOVVVE IT!

It was looking a little worn. It needed a bath. Today I had the guts to do it. I washed the sweater with a bit of baby shampoo in the bathroom sink and spread it out over 2 sweater racks. It also needed a slight repair around the lower cast on edge- which was taken care of before the bath.

And funny, as I was spreading it out, I noticed not one but TWO wrongly twisted cables. I never noticed them before. Ha!

(No, I don't have the balls (or the yarn) to fix it.)

I don't have many photos of the Rogue. Here's one of the sleeve. I thought I had others, but I know they all are awful quality. Maybe someone at SnB Weds. night will do a photo shoot of me in it.

In other life news, The Boy is doing very well. No more bandages!! Yay! I'm feeling better too. :)

It helps that my hands smell like sheepies. I love sheepies. (It's the best part of block, in my opinion.)


Anonymous Kim said...

Wow, you went from a Michaels free pattern to Rogue! Very ambitious and Rogue's sleeve looks great. Sweater #1 looks comfy and it's wearble! That's what counts for a first sweater, at least for me. I just put my first sweater in the good will bin. It was too small and very uncomfortable.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous AlisonH said...

Re your son's burn. My daughter had a precancerous growth removed, at age 2, that left a mark halfway around her throat and down her back. (We could only see what the doctor thought was a cyst at the top, and I insisted it be removed. It felt bad to me. He put me off for awhile, then thanked me later when the biopsy report came back.)

So. The plastic surgeon told me to put some paper medical tape from the drugstore on the spot, 24/7, change as needed, for six months. He said it would put just enough pressure on the skin to keep the scarring way down and maybe hopefully not really form. Her father creates hyper scar tissue--there's a medical term for it--so this was an issue already.

She is now 21, has a slight light mark, very short, almost not noticeable. Compared to what it was and would have been and how deep it went, this is remarkable, so I thought I'd pass the word on.

8:43 PM  

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