Thursday, November 29, 2007

Taking My Own Advice.

Today is the day that I'm going to do *something* with MS3.

I want to use the yarn for anything else, not sure exactly what- but I saw it in my fiber closet last night and drooled over the color.

As sad as I am to see this project fail, I'm glad that I'm finally making a decision about it. It's been staring at me whenever I open my Ravelry notebook or the stash closet, where it is safely enclosed in a ziploc bag, along with the beads and crochet hook. I love the beginning, I love the wing. It's just the center part that I'm "meh" about doing. (And the part where it joins together at the wing- but I've seen it on real people and I've decided that the whole project looks beautiful regardless.)

Today, it's coming to an end. I wish there was something I could do with this. It's too small lengthwise to be used as a scarf. Really, it's at an odd shape to do anything with it, except finish or frog.

So, if you hear the croakings of a particular knitting animal tonight, that's just me.

In the meantime, let's reminisce...



Clue two:

Clue three:

Where I'm at today:

I think I have the clues correct. All apologies if I don't. It's been awhile since working on it.


Blogger Baby Beth said...

You could finish it and gift it. I love blue. ;) But seriously, you are almost done with it and Christmas is around the corner...

1:52 PM  
Blogger Stepherz said...


10:53 PM  

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