Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Because It Matters, Atleast To Me.

My mom used to bark at us kids, "Be NICE!" whenever we'd do something mean to each other growing up. And funny enough, it's exactly what I say to The Boy during his brief moments of difficult behavior. I do my best to be nice to everyone in my life- strangers and loved one alike. I like smiling at strangers and flirting with people. I like to make others feel good.

When I read Mrs. Rabies blog the other day I was one of the other bloggers listed for the the "Nice Matters Award". I was pleasantly surprised. Not only because nice matters, but because she was generous to me in the past- she sent me pieces of roving to practice spinning on. It was a gesture I'll never forget.

Anyways, in the spirit of nice, I'll nominate 7 others- which is so hard.

Ok, number 1:
The New Haven SnB group. You all know who you are. These friends have been my support network for the last year and a half. They have cheered me up, kept me from losing it on more than one occasion, travelled in the name of fiber with me, and most of all, eaten plenty of ice cream with me. I thank every one of you. (Sorry to anyone that missed. leave a comment and I'll link it.)

2: Although she's a member of SnB, she has to be listed separately. Gale undertook a huge burden when she said that she'd do a tree of warmth for a local soup kitchen. I'm in awe of her ability to not curl up in a ball and cry, but instead call on friends to help. Many folks will be warmer this winter because of her.

3: Faith! and Carole. Although Faith hasn't been able to blog as of late, and I miss her lists of finished items, she and Carole always find time to write every one of their commentors back. It's not like they only have 3 comments. And never with a quick thanks either. I'm amazed at people who have this ability. Blogger doesn't publish most emails, but when it does I try to write back. But to my eyes it seems like the words are forced. Anyways, Faith and Carole, thanks for being nice.

4: Nerdie. Ah, Nerdie, where the hell are you? You are sorely missed. I hope you and Bradon are as well as you can possibly be this holiday season. Don't forget to see the joy and beauty around you each day.

5: Alison H. Amazing woman. I love reading her stories. I love reading her feelings of surprise and gratitude every time that karma- good karma, that is, comes her way. (She has it stored up, I swear) Next time she comes out east I hope to meet her. She's one of those people who just radiates a vibe of peace. (I love that.) If you get a feeling of peace through a computer, chances are they are that much more peaceful in person.

6: Sophanne I swear this woman must comment on a thousand blogs a day. I see her name everywhere! She's so funny that I have to wait to finish my tea before reading her blog, or else I make a mess.

7: Gauss. She's able to leap tall building while knitting lace, I swear. (Alice is another one who kicks my ass.) She does some of the most beautiful projects and makes it look simple. But the best part- she's brilliant and told me that I am too!


Blogger RC said...

YEAH! nice list!
keep up the good work!

10:10 AM  
Anonymous AlisonH at said...

Aw, shucks, ma'am (blush). Thank you!

12:49 PM  
Blogger sophanne said...

sunflower! You're the capper on a great day. Thank you so much. It made my eyes fill up with blogfriend tears!

9:13 PM  
Blogger Baby Beth said...

Thanks so much! And thanks for helping me with Foliage. Had I known I could just YO a whole row later my hat would be done and on my head right now. Now I have to go buy size 5 16" circs to finish it!!

10:28 PM  
Blogger Carole Knits said...

Thank you so much! And I might add, it's easy to be nice to nice people.

7:03 AM  
Blogger missalicefaye said...

oh, you're so sweet! :) Happy holidays!

4:03 PM  
Blogger Gauss said...

Aw, thank you! I am very honored and surprised :)

Happy holidays!

11:13 PM  

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