Friday, January 25, 2008

Fight The Octopus!

So it's Friday. Today is day one of algebra 2.0. Yeah, I'm petrified.

I had dreams last night that I was helping Jenn (another SnB'er) out of a wide, serene river that she was swimming in in Taiwan...don't ask me how we came to be there, other than she's from there...but in my dream I was there too...anyways, there was this huge octopus trying to grab onto my leg as I'm reaching down to help her out of the water and on to the river bank. She's totally calm, like nothing is happening, telling me about the algebra problem that she solved in her head while swimming. I however, am in a panic, trying to help her out and get the octopus to let go of my leg. I can feel the suction cups on my skin, I could feel it tugging me leg into the water.....and Jenn's all calm while talking algebra.

Hm, think the dream means anything??


Algebra is like an octopus trying to drag me into the water. Fight the octopus!!
I'm still knitting. Here's the wrong side of my fair isle vest. Very pretty...

And here's the crappy-ass close up of the Minimalist Cardigan (from IK) that I've been rockin' since Weds.

The yarn is Cascade 200 in a pretty mossy-green color. Lovely. It reminds me of Ireland, even though I've never been there. Lol

I had to start something that I could do mindlessly- something portable yet not to small. (Socks would be perfect, if I remotely liked making them.)

Anyhow, I need to destash a bit. So I'm knitting with the big stuff first. You know, the stuff you have a bunch of, that was earmarked for sweaters. I'm going to work on that stuff first, then move on to smaller projects.

(I'm laughing on the inside even thinking of stashbusting, considering Super Bowl sales are happening next weekend. Yeah, like I'm not going to buy anything. Ha!)


Blogger Baby Beth said...

Field trip to Yarn Garden?

4:23 PM  
Blogger jennsquared said...

I have to say, I was laughing so hard I had tears coming out of my eyes! And I almost had Oregon Chai all over my computer screen as well. I am so glad you are thinking of me, even in your dreams! I will be sure to solve your algebra problems when we encounter the octopus next time! :)

7:24 PM  
Blogger Laurie said...

Awwww! Math seems so, well...easy for me that I sometimes forget that other adults have math "issues". I work very hard at eliminating those hang-ups in children as they learn in my classroom. Wish I could help you with your class!

9:49 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

If I were taking Algebra 2, I'd be having weird Octopus or giant squid dreams too. Good luck with the class. I love seeing the wrong side of fair isle. Very cool. Minimalist looks good, not crappy!

12:55 PM  

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