Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shoot Me Now.

The Boy has a head cold. I've had some pretty nasty head colds myself. I know what it's like to feel stuffy, sick and gross with your nose all runny and chapped. I know he's not feeling well.

He's not sleeping.

The Boy is...a boy. He loves to bounce and jump and run everywhere, all day long. He crashes every day at 1. The house is typically silent, with the exception of a couple of knitting needles rubbing together (with an occasional swear muttered by me.)

Yesterday he decided that he wasn't going to nap. He cried, whined, threw a hissy then jumped out of his crib.

Finally I let him come out into the living room and sit with me on the couch. That lasted all of 2 seconds.

Today is the same thing. He's in his crib, jumping around like it's an inflatable castle.

Sleep, damn it!!

There's not enough Calgon in the world if he doesn't take a nap 2 days in a row.


Blogger Christie said...

I hope he feels better...or at least lays down...soon!

4:25 PM  
Blogger Xia Diaz said...

Sending get well vibes to you!

11:28 PM  
Anonymous Beth said...

Good luck with the napping thing. I was upset when my daughter gave up naps for good. One of my neighbors instituted "quiet time" when her kids outgrew nap time. They were required to stay in their rooms - reading, playing quietly - for an hour every day. Not sure how she did it, but it sounded good to me. :)

8:42 AM  
Blogger Firemanshunny said...

I like nap time too! My older daughter no longer naps so on the weekends when the younger one is sleeping she has quiet time. she can play in her room or watch TV in our bedroom. Either way she has to stay upstairs and be quiet. both of them just got over a nasty head cold and double ear infections. I feel your pain. It took all my strength not to run out of the house screaming 3 days in a row!

9:43 AM  

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