Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still Here.

I'm not dead. I promise.
I've been trying to keep myself busy/sane by doing anything other than knitting. I mean, I'm still knitting- proven by the two photos below:

The start of the red raglan sleeve.

The start of the front of the fair isle vest.

Since I'm only knitting about an hour a day- down from 6-8 hours a day- I've been getting my house ready to be put on the market. Cleaning, organizing, and overall rearranging the entire house takes time and energy.

I've also been hanging with The Boy over at Kid City in Middletown, CT. Go if you have kids and are in the area. Not the most inexpensive place to take a kid, but fun and somewhat educational.

I attended my yearly Dropkick Murphy's show in Lowell, Ma last night with my friend Tanya. It was fun. And I found out that you can purchase Magners in a bigger, yummier pint bottle, rather than the puny long neck bottles I get here. Perhaps I wasn't exactly walking in a straight line going to the show. We had fun, the music was loud and fun.

Next year can't come soon enough.

Not much else is going on....And I like it that way.


Blogger Gauss said...

6-8 hours a day is a lot of knitting; I'm glad to hear you'll be taking care of your wrists. Knitting is fun and all, but it's not worth risking long-term damage...

12:43 PM  

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