Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Red Raglan- DONE!

I can't believe I have a finished project to show you.
The red raglan sweater that I started in the beginning of March is done. I put the buttons on this morning. If Hubs doesn't come home too late tonight, I'll have him take photos of me modeling it. It fits snug, but warm. Perfect for May! OK, maybe not. (Or so we hope. This is New England and there's freeze warnings up for tonight, so you never know for sure.)

Yarn: Cascade 220
Pattern: Cosmicpluto's top-down raglan pattern. Fantastic!You could make this sweater in 30 million ways. I added side shaping to mine- just a few decreases and increases to give it shape.

Needles: Handy Denise circs, size 9.

Buttons: From a vendor at the 2007 MDSW. Totally stalking him this year. Kicking myself that I didn't pick up a business card or anything from him.

Close up of the antler buttons.

I also completed another project. I plied and set this skein of handspun.

It's BFL from Little Barn. Also going to stalk them...but doesn't everyone??

OK, that's it for the finished stuff for awhile, I'm afraid. My wrist is bugging me again and I don't want to totally destroy it. I'm still feeling beat also. The old female issue isn't helping matters either. So, no knitting...which sucks.

And one last thing...

WTF is up with Roger Clemens? Seriously, I've adored the guy since I don't know when. He was on the mound during my first trip to Yankees Stadium. I've purchased t-shirts with his name on it. My kid had his first professional photos taken with a jersey of his in it. I understand that he's human. I think he's not being honest with the steroids issue, but I can overlook that. Now I read that he cheated on his wife with a 15 year old, years ago. And he's denying it, even though the woman says it's true. It's none of my businees, but have some integrity.

Last week I threw out my Clemens shirt. It was well loved- ratty, holey and stained. I thought that I'd get a new one this spring.

Forget it.


Blogger KnelleyBelley said...

Beautiful sweater and beautiful yarn. I want to be a spinner like you when I grow up. Wait - I'm already grown up. Crap.

9:47 PM  
Blogger jennsquared said...

Nice raglan!!! I love it! You should totally wear it for MD!!! Speaking MD, I can't wait!!! :)

9:57 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

Love the sweater! What a fab color and cool buttons. I used that pattern/recipe for my first raglan cardi. I'm becoming convinced that most male public figures are scum who think only with their trouser snake. Which brings up a big question: how different are non-famous males? In the same situation would they act any differently? I don't know. I will lose all faith if Derek Jeter turns out to be a douche bag too.

10:49 AM  

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