Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finished Juliet and Scarf

It's thundering here again, please excuse the photos.

A little bird told me that she had repeated issues with making and fit of Juliet. And I have to admit, I can't blame her.
It needs to be blocked and buttons sewn on, but otherwise, she's done. Do I think I'll ever wear her? Mmm. I dunno. Perhaps I should have done a couple more lace repeats (ran out of yarn), perhaps I should have done the garter stitch to a longer length...either way, I'm not too thrilled with this sweater.
Hubs' great Aunt Mildred's scarf is complete. I need to get to a LYS to pick up a pretty shawl pin or something. It's a small and wide scarf, perfect for just something around the neck.

I'm almost a little nervous to send it off to her, to tell the truth. Like all of the gifts I make, I'm afraid that she won't like it or won't wear it. But off it will go, with a written note to thank her for her generous gift.

The Boy and I are off to find dinner somewhere. And perhaps ice cream with a side stop to see the knitters.


Blogger KnelleyBelley said...

I love your Juliet. I hope you wear her!

The scarf is pretty!

Good luck with your house offer(s). I hope you get one - just one.

10:09 PM  
Blogger Baby Beth said...

I think Juliet looks great!! We need to see it on you.

10:49 PM  
Blogger Archiknist said...

Juliet's a tricky shape--every so often I see someone (usually a student) who looks cute in that shape, but it's hard to get right. maybe with a more fitted skirt/pants, to balance the gathers? (Or maybe that wouldn't work--I often wear something awful all day and don't realize it till I get home from work!)

2:29 PM  
Blogger Acornbud said...

The scarf is very pretty. Aunt Mildred is very lucky! Juliet looks very nice lying there. I hope it suits you better after the blocking:)

2:28 AM  

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