Monday, July 21, 2008

Good and Bad Parts.

The new house is coming along, even with a few glitches. Yesterday our air conditioning stopped working. Our basement has the big screen and sectional. We spent most of our afternoon in the coolness down there. We didn't realize that the entire house was baking until about 7:45 pm. We opened windows and lucky for us, it was cool and there was a bit of a breeze.

Hub's is getting a new thermostat today. I just hope that solves the problem.

The man who lives behind us owns a bunch of dogs, who feel the need to bark, howl and cry. They must be inside most of the day. We can't hear them except for when they're let out, assuming to do whatever it is that doggies need to do. Apparently our neighbor thought that 4:30 this morning was a good time for them to be let out. I was sound asleep and out of no where was this chorus of bellowing, howling cries. I was half way across the room thinking that The Boy was screaming before I realized what the noise was.


So basically I traded a loud business alarm going off randomly at all hours of the day and night for a mass of howling dogs. Fantastic.

I worked out today in the gym closest to the new house. There's going to be a period of adjustment with this place. It's an older facility, more crowded and there's no women's only section. Grr. I felt self conscious on the treadmill. And I have no idea how to use their weight machines. Babysitting is also 16 bucks more a month. Can't wait to tell Hubs that.

On the good side, I feel 100% safe here. I keep the doors locked, but have no problem with the windows being open. In the old house I felt really exposed. Here- there's only trees staring at you! It's wonderful.

My mom found berry bushes on the property yesterday. One is raspberries and the other we think is blueberries. They don't get much sun so the berries were small. We'll be trimming that area soon. I love fresh berries!

We ordered our bedroom set and have plans for the living room. It's exciting to get these things done. I have a craft room that I need to get organized. I need to paint first. You should see the room now. Ugh!

I can't find my cable for the camera, but I have photos coming soon. Maybe I'll do a photo montage of the new house.

And Emily- I'm feeling good. No more spotting, no more cramps. I'm still tired during the day, but now that I can work out again, I'm hoping that will take care of itself. Thanks for asking! I miss you.


Blogger Barbara said...

You've got your work cut out, but it will be fun getting it all together:)

7:57 PM  
Blogger Lilith Parker said...

If you want help painting, let me know. :)

8:25 AM  
Blogger weeble wobble said...

whew I'm glad your health stuff got sorted out! I miss you hon!


4:27 PM  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

Barking dogs at 4:30am? I'd be ready to kill someone...

Glad you're doing better!

12:45 AM  
Blogger Archiknist said...

I miss you too! (Not quite enough that I'll volunteer to paint! But I'd clean! :) )

9:46 AM  
Anonymous AlisonH said...

Is there a noise ordinance the dogs would fall under?

1:03 AM  
Anonymous willemtje said...

The trick might be to try and make friends with the neighbour and bring him/her a little present. People feel better disposed towards you if they have received a gift, however small. Then maybe eventually mention that you were woken up by the dogs. Perhaps they don't even realise that other people are woken up by their dogs. Good luck with the new house and happy knitting,

A Dutch knitter

2:02 PM  

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