Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No Longer Just a Moving Blog.

I've been knitting every chance I get. It hasn't been as much as I'd like, but I'm getting things done.

I'm designing a shawl for Schaefer Yarns. It's done with Heather. Great colors, right? The greens remind me of leaves and grass in the spring- fresh green.

I'm also doing a scarf for Rebecca. Remember- she knit me a pair of Monkey's? This is her payment. Trust me when I say the pleasure is all mine. Great project. I'm sure she'll have it on her blog soon.

And I won a prize from Claudia's ride! I never win these things!! Anyways, here's a skein of Mind's Eye Yarns in Grasshopper Sky. I love the blues in this. It's sock yarn, and I don't knit socks, but trust me when I say that I'll find something satisfying to knit with this. It's lovely.

And lastly, this isn't for the squeamish. For the surgery a couple of weeks ago I was given an IV. It really hurt going in. I figured it was just nerves, but apparently not. I took this photo a full seven days later. It took 10 days to heal. I was even at a restaurant and the waitress asked me what happened. Yikes.


Blogger jennsquared said...

Yikes! That's quite a bruise! I hate it when that happens, and it happens with me ALL. THE. TIME.

Awesome knit pieces. I can't wait to see your full design, I'm sure it is beautiful!

2:54 PM  
Blogger Gauss said...

Pretty knitting! The shawl looks beautiful.

Sorry to hear about the IV. Never had one myself, and how I will probably try to avoid them as much as possible...

8:42 PM  
Blogger the boogeyman's wife said...

yay for knitting! those are some nice greens. IVs are clearly of the devil. ever since my youngest siblings had lead poisoning and we had to take blood tests ever other month or so, i've hated needles. some people have the knack for putting them in, and most don't.

4:52 PM  

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