Thursday, September 25, 2008

Deep Breath and Lace.

I try hard to be a monogamous knitter. I fail sometimes. This is one example. It's ok though, I have no deadlines looming.

I needed a mindless car-ride knitting project. So on the way up to a wedding in Boston on Saturday I started a Deep Breath sweater. I love this pattern in so many ways. Mindless knitting at it's finest.

Last night I started a lace project, one that I can knit while trying to ignore the daily dose of TV violence that Hubs is watching for the night.

And I also have the Low Tide sweater blocking. It doesn't seem to want to dry, which makes me a bit nervous. I'm afraid of the wool getting funky, but more- I have a house full of guests coming on Saturday. It's blocking on the bed in my guest room. What happens if the mattress is still wet in a couple of days??
(And, Mother Nature can stop eff'ing with me now. We had one picnic for friends, during a huge thunderstorm. It was supposed to be a fun evening bbq. Turned into an inside dinner with the lights randomly blinking off. This picnic is for family. We already rescheduled from a few weeks ago when we had the tropical storm. This week is a Nor'easter. So not joking. We're still having it. Bite me, Mother Nature!)
(But be kind to me at Christmas!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had to break out the blow dryer a couple of times for the last bit of drying. I don't know if that's recommended or not but it worked for me. Just don't get too close!

2:24 PM  

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