Saturday, September 06, 2008

Nervous Energy Has It's Place, Right?

This is what my spinning wheel has looked like since I moved.

I suck.

I've been meaning to unpack it. I just...haven't.
Part of the problem is that I'm enjoying the knitting that I'm making. (My wrist is feel good, might as well work with it, right?) Part of it is being out of bobbins (hello, ply already!) and part of it is not really having the desire to get through that "I haven't spun in X amount of months, look at the crap I'm creating" stage.

Well, tonight that changes. I'm dusting this baby off. I know Rhinebeck is coming and I'm making myself refrain from purchasing more wool until this thing sings.

Oh- there's that and the fact that Hubs is going away for the evening and we're having a tropical storm blowing in any minute. High winds, lots of rain, nervous energy...perfect night for the wheel.

Now where's the flashlights??


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